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How to download via torrent?

This guide will show you how to download movies, games, programs and other files through the uTorrent torrent client, and how not to catch viruses on your computer. 
The program itself does not have a full-fledged search, and even more so a media directory (as in Mediaget), so the files themselves will be searched for on sites on the Internet.  Open a search engine (Yandex is better, since it is less likely to come across a site that distributes adware disguised as legal files) and type in the phrase: 

"Name_of_file_file download via torrent" 
In the search results, go to the site that appears first in the list. 
On the page that opens, find the download link (usually placed at the bottom).  Be careful, the owners of this kind of sites like to place fake "Download" buttons on their pages, when you click on which they will transfer you to an advertising site or offer to install some kind of Amigo browser (for example).  Scroll down until you see the detailed file specifications. 

Click on the "Download torrent" link or on the button with the uTorrent icon (see the screenshot above). 
After clicking, the file will start downloading - it must have the extension ".torrent".  If the file has the extension ".exe" - do not open it, most likely it is an advertisement or a virus.  It is better to close such a site and go to the next one in the search results. 

After downloading the ".torrent" file, run it.  If after that uTorrent does not start, then the file association with the program is not configured on the computer.  We will not configure it yet - just start uTorrent manually and drag the torrent to the center of the main program window. 
A dialog box for adding a new download will open (yes, at first we downloaded the torrent, and now we will use it to download the required files themselves).  Check the folder where the download will be saved (so that there is enough space in it), and if necessary, change it. 

In the right window, view the torrent content that will be downloaded.  For example, we decided to download an entire season of our favorite series, but we have already watched the first 2 episodes.  Uncheck them so as not to download unnecessary files again. 
Then press the OK button (in general, you could press it right away and not change anything). 

The download will then start.  In the main window of uTorrent, the "Status" column displays its progress, and the column on the right - the speed (which depends on the quality of your Internet connection and the number of users of the selected torrent).

The file download is complete when the status bar turns green and “Hearing” appears. 

Double click on this torrent with the left mouse button to show the downloaded files in the Windows Explorer folder.