For the People [CPS] Many Geos

Flappatron - Episode 1-4

The protagonist of Flappatron is Nathan Flappatron, who possesses advanced psionic abilities. In a strange place called Gunland, there are many characters who seek to disturb the peace of the protagonist. The guy fights with negative cues in his...
Action / Adventure / Indie | Date: 30.03.2021 | Views: 227 | Comments: 0
Size: 2.96 GB

3000th Duel

In the 3000th Duel, you will play the role of a lost hero and go to meet danger and mysteries, because the ward character practically does not remember anything about himself. His face is hidden behind an impenetrable mask. He must embark on a...
Action / RPG / Adventure / Indie | Date: 30.03.2021 | Views: 455 | Comments: 0
Size: 974 MB

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is an RPG adventure set in the fictional village of Kamura. The territory is presented in the form of a vast mountainous area with studied hunting devices and the original culture of the inhabitants. Players will play the role of...
Action / RPG | Date: 30.03.2021 | Views: 1 000 | Comments: 0
Size: 5.62 GB

Strategic Command: World War 1

Strategic Command: World War I is a turn-based strategy game about the First World War. Events have been unfolding since 1914. Given the right to choose a side, the game offers various ways of developing a combat scenario. You can start a war, join...
Strategy | Date: 30.03.2021 | Views: 370 | Comments: 0
Size: 645 MB

Cyberpunk 2077 - patches only (1.04 - 1.2) [GOG] (2020)

Patches from this collection are installed on the official distribution of the game from GOG (version 1.03) sequentially from the younger version to the older one. To speed up the update installation process, it is recommended to disable the...
Action / Shooters / RPG / Patches | Date: 29.03.2021 | Views: 3 684 | Comments: 0
Size: 12,4 GB

Cyberpunk 2077 (2020) PC | GOG

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-adventure RPG set in the metropolis of Knight City, where power, luxury and body modification are valued above all else. You play as V, a mercenary in search of a unique device that allows you to gain immortality. You can...
Action / RPG / Adventure | Date: 29.03.2021 | Views: 5 367 | Comments: 0
Size: 112.4 GB

The Bus (Early Access)

The Bus is a bus simulator in which you are engaged in passenger transportation in the capital of Germany. Berlin has been recreated on a one-to-one scale. You have a fleet of different types of buses. Create routes, manage timetables, and more....
Simulation | Date: 28.03.2021 | Views: 13 262 | Comments: 0
Size: 12.1 GB

Crysis 3: Digital Deluxe Edition

The continuation of a high-quality and interesting game always evokes positive emotions, and the word "crysis" in the gaming world does not have a negative connotation: the promised Crysis 3 is an action movie based in the huge metropolis of New...
Action / Shooters | Date: 28.03.2021 | Views: 816 | Comments: 0
Size: 11.66 GB