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Beyond a Steel Sky [GOG] (2020)

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Described material:
The main character of Beyond a Steel Sky is Robert Foster, who promised to return the kidnapped child. The trail of the target went deep into the desert nomads, and at the end led to Union-city, the only stronghold of the human world, which remained intact during the long war. Union City is a real utopia, where residents are happy, and artificial intelligence oversees their safety. The hero has to find out if this city really is so great.

The surrounding world is made in the style of cyberpunk, and the user controls the character and explores the locations using the "point and click" system. The dynamic plot constantly presents a randomly generated event. The main character is often met by people who want to ask about something or ask for help. The levels have to solve puzzles, and every decision of the gamer has consequences. In dialogs, the selected lines change the ending of the conversation.

Each minor character has its own goals and objectives.  If Robert influences them, helps or, on the contrary, does not allow them to achieve, then this will change the world around them.  The protagonist will recruit assistants, partners, acquaintances or enemies.  Using a hacking tool, Foster opens closed doors, obtains classified information, sneaks into forbidden territories and performs other missions.  There is also an antagonist, whose identity is hidden for a long time.  The hero will need to learn everything about control over society, keep an eye on some people and communicate with the AI.

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