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The Outer Worlds

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Described material:
The Outer Worlds is a sci-fi adventure with RPG elements. The hero awakens after a long hibernation in a spaceship en route to Alcyone, a further colony of people at the end of the galaxy. But, on the way, he is lost, and you need to uncover secrets and conspiracies, travel through space and planets, and also influence the course of history, saving your colony.

Create a unique character who will become the new unpredictable variable. Meet with other factions, both neutral and hostile. Fight with them and do everything to survive in a dangerous world. Complete a variety of tasks and progress through a non-linear storyline, choose dialogue lines and places to explore. Your choices will affect the development of the protagonist, the fate of partners and the ending of the plot.

You are not perfect in the game. The flaw system, the character of the hero and the analysis from the AI, which determines the actions that you do worse than others. All this creates a realistic gameplay. Constant attacks from certain types of enemies can stop if you pump the skills necessary for this. Acquire new abilities and weaknesses and create your own hero.

In Alcyone you will fight creepy creatures.  Take a lot of characters to your team that you meet along the way.  All minor heroes have their own skills, goals and motivation.  Help your buddies achieve their goals or use them to solve your problems.  Get a spaceship, explore cities, settlements, stations in space and other unique places full of their own secrets.    


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