For the People [CPS] Many Geos

Aragami 2

The story of Aragami 2 tells about one of the last members of the clan of secret assassins. Aragami have had mystical powers for many years. She gives them the ability to subjugate the shadows and control the darkness itself. At the same time, their...
Action | Date: 08.10.2021 | Views: 162 | Comments: 0
Size: 4.19 GB

Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King | Early Access

The world of Hypnos in the game Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King has long fallen into desolation and decline. Once created by the hands of a powerful king, the mountains, blooming gardens and picturesque landscapes now look gloomy and...
Action / RPG / Adventure / Indie | Date: 08.08.2021 | Views: 999 | Comments: 0
Size: 11.3 GB

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues is an action-adventure game that combines side-scrolling and beat-em-up elements. The project is based on the eponymous web series Cobra Kai, which in turn belongs to the Karate Kid franchise. There are 8...
Action | Date: 08.08.2021 | Views: 778 | Comments: 0
Size: 4.03 GB

Vengeance v 2.0 | Early Access

Vengeance is a multiplayer first-person shooter, created according to all the canons of the old school, but in a modern wrapper. The developers primarily created a game with an emphasis on gameplay, ridding players of modern trends such as...
Action / Shooters / Indie | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 1 100 | Comments: 0
Size: 5 GB

Dungeons & Dragons - Dark Alliance

Dungeons & Dragons - Dark Alliance is an RPG in the DND setting, which can be a starting point in acquaintance with the amazing world of fantasy adventure. The basic principles of the gameplay are based on the D&D board rules summary. The...
Action / RPG | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 769 | Comments: 0
Size: 20.23 GB


Terrorarium is a platformer with puzzle elements, the gameplay of which consists in the destruction and total destruction of all living things. You have to travel across different universes and worlds, taking on the role of a daring granny with...
Action / Indie | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 188 | Comments: 0
Size: 2.5 GB

Days Gone v 1.06

Days Gone tells the story of Deacon St. John's. The former member of the Reservoir Dogs motorcycle club suffers from the loss of his wife and wanders around the open world that has been practically destroyed by the epidemic. It is inhabited by the...
Action / Horor / TPS / Adventure / Survival | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 949 | Comments: 0
Size: 35.90 GB


BIOMUTANT is a long story in a first-person role-playing slasher, where techniques, Wushu schools, weapon and hero leveling are the primary tasks of the player. A single player game for a little raccoon that immerses you in an interesting...
Action / RPG / Adventure | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 537 | Comments: 0
Size: 25 GB