For the People [CPS] Many Geos

The Dark Inside Me

The Dark Inside Me is a point-and-click horror game about a man who wakes up in a hospital bed. His head is bandaged and he does not remember who he is and how he got here. Trying to escape from the hospital, flashbacks transport the player during...
Horor / TPS | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 536 | Comments: 0
Size: 5.68 GB

Days Gone v 1.06

Days Gone tells the story of Deacon St. John's. The former member of the Reservoir Dogs motorcycle club suffers from the loss of his wife and wanders around the open world that has been practically destroyed by the epidemic. It is inhabited by the...
Action / Horor / TPS / Adventure / Survival | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 949 | Comments: 0
Size: 35.90 GB

Resident Evil Village v build 6587890 + all DLC

Resident Evil Village continues Ethan's adventures of seven. The Roman numeral hidden in the title on the posters hints that this is not an offshoot, but the eighth part of the series. This is the tenth project in the main line. Winters was able to...
Action / Horor / TPS | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 1 998 | Comments: 0
Size: 19.89 GB

Amnesia: Rebirth [GOG] (2020)

Amnesia: Rebirth is the continuation of the cult horror series Amnesia. In the first part of The Dark Descent, the developers relied on sharp screamers, and in Amnesia: Rebirth, the degree of nightmare rises gradually. New characters, locations and...
Horor / TPS / Adventure / Indie | Date: 03.04.2021 | Views: 641 | Comments: 0
Size: 17.97 GB

Mundaun [GOG] (2021)

Upon learning about the mysterious death of his grandfather, the main character goes to the Mundown Valley, where he has not been since childhood. He soon realizes that the remaining inhabitants of the valley are being pursued by something ancient...
Horor / TPS | Date: 31.03.2021 | Views: 822 | Comments: 0
Size: 1.83 GB

Cassidy (2021)

Cassidy is a horror game in which you play as a student-researcher, you write a thesis to investigate the famous estate, where there were terrible murders that took place in the 1950s. Initially, the estate belonged to a rather friendly grandmother,...
Horor / TPS | Date: 26.03.2021 | Views: 491 | Comments: 0
Size: 6.90 GB

Distrust: Polar Survival

The polar station was seized by horror, with which your heroes will have to fight in the generated locations. A nightmare that has taken over not only the station, but also the people, in Distrust: Polar Survival takes on the role of an antagonist,...
Action / Horor / TPS / Strategy | Date: 18.03.2021 | Views: 508 | Comments: 0
Size: 722 Mb

The Medium - Deluxe Edition [GOG] (2021)

Solve a dark secret that only a medium can solve. Explore the real world and the spirit world at the same time. Use your clairvoyant powers to solve mysteries linking two worlds, uncover ominous secrets, and relive encounters with the Maw, a monster...
Action / Horor / TPS / Adventure | Date: 18.03.2021 | Views: 3 647 | Comments: 0
Size: 41.1 GB