For the People [CPS] Many Geos

Endzone - A World Apart [GOG] (2021)

Endzone - A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic mayor simulator where, under your strict guidance, there will be a small settlement in need of a competent leader who can develop a small commune that has survived a nuclear war....
Strategy / Indie / Simulation / Survival | Date: 07.05.2021 | Views: 817 | Comments: 0
Size: 10.66 GB

No Man's Sky [GOG] (2016)

Traveling at the intergalactic level has become too simple and routine. It's getting harder and harder to create a game that bewitches with its graphics, but the developers of adventure game No Man's Sky , an indie with an open world and a wonderful...
Action / Adventure / Indie / Simulation / Survival | Date: 09.04.2021 | Views: 2 077 | Comments: 0
Size: 10.79 GB

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance [Portable] (2021)

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is a massive addition to the game "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth". The Repentance Expansion takes Isaac on dangerous new dungeon adventures to complete his greatest challenge! This game will give fans new places...
Action / Indie | Date: 08.04.2021 | Views: 12 251 | Comments: 0
Size: 1.40 GB

Hades [EGS-Rip] (2020)

Play the role of the immortal prince of the Underworld and use all your skills to get out of Hell. The hero possesses mythical weapons and numerous superpowers, thanks to which you will need to fight with incessant squads of enemies. Each attempt to...
Action / RPG / Indie | Date: 05.04.2021 | Views: 589 | Comments: 0
Size: 11.6 GB

Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together is a survival simulator in an unknown world, where our character, pre-selected in the editor, wakes up and immediately goes to look for firewood, because Maxwell said so. The game is cooperative, as the storyline is divided...
Action / Adventure / Strategy / Indie | Date: 04.04.2021 | Views: 395 | Comments: 0
Size: 1.29 GB

The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird's Tale

The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird's Tale is a 2D adventure game about the girl Crystal. She is a fragile girl made of glass, trying to find herself, understand the structure of the world and rid the kingdom of the tyrant. The gameplay is a classic...
RPG / Adventure / Indie | Date: 04.04.2021 | Views: 309 | Comments: 0
Size: 1.66 GB

Amnesia: Rebirth [GOG] (2020)

Amnesia: Rebirth is the continuation of the cult horror series Amnesia. In the first part of The Dark Descent, the developers relied on sharp screamers, and in Amnesia: Rebirth, the degree of nightmare rises gradually. New characters, locations and...
Horor / TPS / Adventure / Indie | Date: 03.04.2021 | Views: 487 | Comments: 0
Size: 17.97 GB

Dead Cells + 3 DLC [GOG] (2018)

It is an action platformer in the genre of Rogue-like and Metroidvania. A huge, ever-changing castle awaits you ... If, of course, you can defeat those who get in your way in 2D Souls-lite-style skirmishes. No save. Kill, die, learn and try again....
RPG / Indie | Date: 31.03.2021 | Views: 561 | Comments: 0
Size: 4.69 GB