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Dead Age II [GOG] (2021)

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Described material:
Dead Age 2 is a party-based survival RPG that combines turn-based combat, management and tactical mechanics. The plot of the sequel tells an individual story that has nothing to do with the previous game. Events develop 10 years after the first zombie attack. Jake's group managed to reach the City of Liberty, where the plague serum was to be developed. But instead of a cure, there was a real war of factions here: Ruthless military, shadow Smugglers and civil Independents.

The combat system has undergone significant changes and, as the developers themselves describe, is a mixture of Final Fantasy X and Darkest Dungeon. Heroes of Dead Age 2 alternate strikes using melee and ranged weapons. They have about 25 different skills at their disposal. There is a faction reputation. Increasing the level of respect will open access to trade with certain NPCs or settlements. The player has control over the whole base.

You can build your base from scratch and distribute the responsibilities of your residents. Craft various items, weapons and armor, collecting useful resources at locations. By pumping crafting skills, you can create items of improved quality. The huge open world contains over 80 different settlements and points of interest.

The plot is non-linear and depending on the decisions made, one of several endings will open.  Your playstyle also affects the environment, so your actions are directly linked to moral decisions and work together.  There are a total of 6 different finals available.  The gameplay consists of permanent death.  If the hero dies, he is out of the game forever.

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