For the People [CPS] Many Geos

Pumpkin Days

Pumpkin Days is a farming simulator in which you move between two cities, farming, fishing, mining and much more. Go to the market, interact with other characters, but beware of the evil Jounce Corp, which can restore order in the area....
RPG / Indie / Simulation | Date: 08.08.2021 | Views: 274 | Comments: 0
Size: 2.29 GB

Truck Driver v 1.30 | Early Access

Truck Driver driver is a simulator in which you have to build a career as a truck . At the beginning of the game, select your character, be it a man or a woman, and get behind the wheel of a truck. Your task is to transport various goods and cargo....
Adventure / Indie / Simulation | Date: 06.08.2021 | Views: 722 | Comments: 0
Size: 744.03 MB

Endzone - A World Apart [GOG] (2021)

Endzone - A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic mayor simulator where, under your strict guidance, there will be a small settlement in need of a competent leader who can develop a small commune that has survived a nuclear war....
Strategy / Indie / Simulation / Survival | Date: 07.05.2021 | Views: 1 173 | Comments: 0
Size: 10.66 GB

No Man's Sky [GOG] (2016)

Traveling at the intergalactic level has become too simple and routine. It's getting harder and harder to create a game that bewitches with its graphics, but the developers of adventure game No Man's Sky , an indie with an open world and a wonderful...
Action / Adventure / Indie / Simulation / Survival | Date: 09.04.2021 | Views: 2 348 | Comments: 0
Size: 10.79 GB

Euro Truck Simulator 2 [SteamRip] (2012)

Travel across Europe as king of the road, a trucker who delivers important cargo across impressive distances! With dozens of cities to explore from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and many more, your endurance, skill and...
Adventure / Simulation | Date: 09.04.2021 | Views: 54 922 | Comments: 10
Size: 11.9 GB

Project Zomboid [Portable] (Early Access)

Project Zomboid is an open world zombie apocalypse simulator. Your destiny is a foregone conclusion here: death. The only question is, how will you die?...
Simulation | Date: 09.04.2021 | Views: 1 197 | Comments: 0
Size: 1.53 GB

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator [Portable] (2021)

Lead an army of red and blue dummies from ancient times, eerie worlds and fairy lands. Create battle simulations with some of the world's most volatile physics....
Simulation | Date: 08.04.2021 | Views: 552 | Comments: 0
Size: 1.36 GB

Tropico 6 El Prez Edition (2019)

El Presidente is back! Become a formidable dictator or a peaceful servant of the people in the island nation of Tropico and walk along with your fellow citizens through four different eras....
Strategy / Simulation | Date: 08.04.2021 | Views: 4 214 | Comments: 4
Size: 21.6 GB