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Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops [GOG] (2017)

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Described material:
Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops is a farmer simulator that gives you the opportunity to farm yourself or manage workers. The game boasts a realistic harvesting process and fully reflects the life of a farmer.

The game has two modes: Campaign and Free. In the latter, you can just play for fun and not think about restrictions. The story mode will allow you to go the full path of a small entrepreneur, planting several seedlings, and later becoming one of the largest agro-tycoons in the country.

Having hired several workers, you need to distribute responsibilities between them. At the same time, the game has a calendar that allows you to count days and make plans for sowing and harvesting. You can supervise employees, or you can start working on your own.

The quality and growth rate of seedlings depends on many factors: the quality of land cultivation, weather conditions, temperature, sun penetration, soil moisture, etc.

Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops offers licensed vehicles from brands such as CLAAS, Kockerling, Lemken, Mercedes-Benz.  In addition, there is a training session that will allow you to go through several maps in order to learn the basics of the game, master the mechanics and skills of selection.

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