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Close Combat: Cross of Iron

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Described material:
Close Combat: Cross of Iron is a real-time strategy game with the ability to pause to make an important decision, a military simulator in which you have to go a long way from a junior lieutenant to the highest army ranks. This project is part of the "Close Combat" franchise, continuing to use the mechanics of the original with minor tweaks and improvements. Gamers have access to both single-player scenarios that pose the "what if" question, and multiplayer battles using an Internet connection for joint gameplay.

The time of the events shown becomes 1943-1944 - at the height of the Second World War and the crucial battles that became fundamental in the overall victory of the allied forces over the fascist invaders. The emphasis is on the confrontation on the Eastern Front. The developers focused on historical accuracy, the fate of ordinary soldiers and their characters. The player will have to maintain morale in the team and prevent the squad from falling apart in difficult situations. The gamer needs to control the troops, which include up to 100 special forces with unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and methods of use for maximum efficiency.

In the presence of a built-in script editor, to create customized conditions for bloody battles.  This allows you to be creative and create a fascinating theater of war.  After completing the design process, the ready-made conditions can be tested online or collided with a computer bot.

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